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AL-Tazaj CO


Wasfi Al Tal Street (Al Gardens)

Project Area

900 sqm

Tazaj kids play area

This play area consists of a huge open plan that has various types of games’ machines which fit the unique needs and ages for each child. The explicit manifestations in which you can find in the (Kidz Play Area) are physical, mental and imagery games that force kids to challenge the rules and to be innovative. Additionally, there is a 4D cinema and a birthday room where kids can relish their time together. Likewise, there is a designated café space for parents where they can sit peacefully while sipping a cup of coffee and supervising their kids.

This space is full of vibrant colors that are well placed to create a vivid, playful and enjoyable atmosphere which simulate the creativity and positive energy from the kids. In addition, the design is well studied to create the safest and practical options that formulates the thrill and the play experience