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DalDesign; or as the name’s origin Dalalah “-or guidance in English” implies, is a studio specialized in interior design, guiding its clients to innovative solutions in space planning. In 2013 DalDesign was founded by the architect Daed Mousa and continues to be one of the leading studios in the region.

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The best solutions of interior design are adopted to create art pieces out of spaces by the hands of our originative team. At DalDesign the clients are our main objective and we strive to help them recreate a place that is a reflection of who they are, and enrich them with the latest ideas to optimize their life.
Our services cover new projects and renovations, from space planning through furniture installation supervision. We offer a complete range of interior design consultation for commercial , Educational , residential , hospitality and office interiors along with others.
Founder and owner Daed Mousa is a pioneer in the field with over 22 years of experience in architecture and interior design, and has worked in both local and international projects covering all aspects of the matter. Our ‘Dal’ concept was to create an office that is distinguished from its competitors, and so we grew from a one architect’s passion to a team of dedicated designers and specialists.
In other words, we dare to cross the conventions to bring about a new identity for every space. An identity that makes it different from any other space.