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Wasfi Al Tal Street (Al Gardens), Amman, Jordan

Project Area

416 sqm

Al Tazaj Restaurant

Al-Tazaj is moving away from merely being a fast-food outlet to a dinning place where one can enjoy a healthy meal and a pleasant atmosphere.

This is achieved through the combination between the amazing elements of the restaurant creating a more modern version of Al Tazaj. In addition, we took into consideration the operational side in parallel with the aesthetic side and that creates a successful functioning space with a nice dining experience

It is also noted that the restaurants identity is well reserved using the brand colors, so Tazaj Branding colors can be clearly seen in the furniture and the finishing materials, by that we focus on creating a unique image in the customer’s mind to differentiate it from other competitors.

Moreover, we have designed a food court Tazaj Location at Al-Abdali Mall, which reflected the branding elements clearly in its eye-catching facade