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Dahiet al-Rasheed, Amman, Jordan

Project Area

112 rooms and suites of different areas

Harir Hotel

The fact that hotels are supposed to give people on the road shelter for a night or two doesn’t mean that they can’t be homely and comfortable.

This is one of the most well decorated hotels where you will not feel away from home.

The design of Al- Rasheed hotel is a classic-contemporary interpretation of woven into a modern fantasy. Guests enjoy a luxurious space with a comfortable and homely feeling!

This is perfectly achieved through the blend of patterns, luxurious carpets, elegant wood, leather cladding and amazing crystal chandeliers.



The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC)


Western coast of Saudi Arabia ( Umluj City)

Turtel Bay Hotel

This three-star hotel is in one of the most magnificent location at the red sea west coast of Saudi Arabia where the views and the location give an extra depth and glamour to the project

the hotel consists of one building that has the main facilities in addition to different clusters’ Building that have 144 guestrooms.

The concept behind the ID is to create a good working atmosphere for its users since this hotel will provide accommodation, office space, and supporting civil amenities to around 14,000 employees who will eventually operate the destination.

So creating a very functional and comfortable guest room was our main issue, we want the guest to spend a good productive time in his room and at the same time to feel relaxed after his long working day.

The colors in the room are neutrals with some blue touches that blends very well with the brown warm walnut colors of the furniture.

The main building consist of a main lobby business center and an all-day dining in addition to the back of house services